Haoming Chen



That is an App focusing on restaurant food delivery. I designed the light and dark modes to make it more comfortable for the user in this app. You can get a clear idea of the restaurant’s ratings, how long it took and how far it was from you. The advantage of this is that it is easy for the user to estimate the time. Navigation options are not many, mainly divided into the home page, order, and Settings of three content blocks. Users can set options to find out what they want and what they want to know. After my survey, most users still want to see content about food and orders on the delivery software. That’s why I focus on the home page and the order page.


  • One of my personal favorites is that users can see the restaurant’s delivery information very intuitively on the Restaurant Page. Such as business hours, address, delivery time, and delivery costs. That greatly helps users to understand the information of the restaurant more quickly.
  • Second, my Filter covers most of the cases that users want to categorize. I used time, distance, rating, delivery cost, and time to help the user filter.
  • Third, most of the current software, such as Skip the Dish and DoorDash, do not set any options to interact with drivers. That is why I use Message and Contact to help users communicate with drivers better.
  • Fourthly, at present, many distribution software can only carry out distribution without the option of self-take. During the survey, some users said they would like to have the option to pick themselves up to order their food and take it away before they leave work.


In general, I like my design. It gets the content to interact with and provides clear information to the user. It still has a lot of problems, and some of my design regrets need to be improved. For example, some contents could delete, and some typography still needs to be redesigned. The fonts probably need to be more in line with the iOS style because I’m using the iPhone X as a template. Maybe this is good work, but it is not the work I am most satisfied with it.