Haoming Chen

Fashion design — LOYALTY

That is a graphic design work I made during my study. The theme I made is a series of designs with Chinese culture as the central theme. It contains my cover, business card, gift card, shopping bag, Hangtag, and logo. The color of the whole series is mainly black and white.


” The fusion of black and white, the ordering of words. “

The image dominates the cover’s design, and the upper part of the body is left correctly white so as not to cause imbalance and highlight the main content of the delivery. Loyalty, as the name of my brand, I hope to make it easier to show. So I used a red tone to make it stand out. Some text on the side is the statements that I quoted and some of the numbers. Leaving content in a solid color will make the reader notice it at first glance.


” Details determine success or failure. “

Shopping bags are also the most commonly used items in daily shopping. Often the pursuit of detail is the most significant factor that makes a brand successful. I designed a little category for this shopping bag that tells the customer what you’re currently buying. Secondly, the contact information of the store is marked for the customer. That is a way for customers to protect their interests and feel comfortable using our products. At the bottom of the logo is a picture of bamboo leaves. That is also a very Chinese element of my content.


” Even gifts need to be aesthetically pleasing. “

As a black color gift card, I added white text to make it easy for customers to read the text message. GIFT in capital letters as a translucent background doesn’t look very strange but gives a clear and straightforward feel. Collocation LOGO and line design make the primary and secondary more distinct. It can also combine some of the font content at the bottom.


” Not only as a way to connect but also as a symbol of who you are. “

In the design of business cards, I like the material of kraft paper. The gloss may not be so high on this template, but the kraft paper is flexible and robust enough to show my respect for customers and always be honest with each other.


” The delivery of information is the most crucial part. “

As I said, the devil is in the details. Most hang tags omit to add personal information beyond informing customers about the ingredients of their materials. The advantage of adding an email and website is that customers don’t have to spend a lot of time on the road to deal with possible product issues. In this way, customers can connect themselves through the website and save a lot of time.