Haoming Chen

App Design — Music app


First of all, this is a music app I designed for mobile phones. I have integrated many elements into this app to meet users’ preferences, such as recommended song lists, communication forums, and headline push. At the same time, I also designed a reasonable and straightforward layout for users to browse to show more information and content. Finally, my app also serves as a bridge for users to communicate with each other or musicians.


  • I put a lot of content into my design, and then the user has a good experience. For example, users can follow their favorite musicians, communicate with each other, collect other people’s playlists and categorize some playlists. For instance, sleep radio stations, radio stations, and songs organized by rank.
  • The content of the arrangement is very orderly. It can attract users, but also generate more revenue, such as advertising and user membership.
  • It is more convenient for users to add playlists. You can also customize your own playlist. The daily push of the playlist will also ensure that users will always have a freshness level based on popularity and the latest songs.


  • In general, the app has a more user-friendly user experience, and it can push different playlists and content according to people’s interests.
  • It is also more modern and simple in appearance. This is a visual change for easy browsing.
  • Only by promoting the communication between users can we get more customer groups and let the customers who have used the APP continue to use it for a long time.
  • The overall style of operation hasn’t changed much, which will make many people who have already used other apps feel uncomfortable. Users want a friendly user experience, not how to learn to use my app.