Haoming Chen

WEB REDESIGN — long & mcquade


That is one of my personal favorites design work. That work tested how I could place the UI on different devices. For example, on the Desktop, the presentation of the Phone and iPad is very different. Moreover, this is an exciting thing where you can allow users to browse websites on different devices. Besides, font size, the size of pictures, and the typesetting of some sections all need reconsideration. That is the only way to become a qualified web designer.


  • Redesigned for several different devices.
  • Each section reclassifies to make them look more modern and advanced. That also optimizes the user’s visual experience.
  • In interactive design, more users can click on the design. It shows us our social media, our news recommendations, the instruments that users might like. Companies make money by recommending things that users might need based on their preferences.
  • After the optimization of the web page, the appearance can now more attractive to young consumer groups. At the same time, it shows the professionalism and responsibility of the company.


  • The advantage of the product is that it can get a larger user group.
  • Promote more relevant content and business to increase the company’s revenue.
  • Recommend products and articles that users like based on their browsing preferences.
  • Users will be able to log in/register and make purchases more easily.